Welcome to TreesaverBooks.com! We are a modern e-commerce store specializing in recycled (used) paperback books, fashion accessories (both new and used), vintage vinyl records and selected, trending items. Although our site utilizes cutting edge web technology, our business model and site appearance is more boutique oriented. We have designed the site to be an enjoyable shopping experience where visitors can browse through our offerings and be assured that anything purchased will be priced very competitively.  We also offer free U.S. shipping on all products. Unless otherwise noted, all prices include shipping within the continental U.S.

A few Browsing notes on our site:  To return to the home page from anywhere in the website, simply click on the small panda logo at the top of any page.Next, there is a small, blue magnifying glass icon on the upper, right corner of most pages.  As you might expect, clicking on this icon will open the site’s search function.  Also, please note: most, but not all,colored, bold and italicized text are links that will direct you to a page, which should be relevent to the topic being addressed in the surrounding text.   Finally, The navigation menu just below the panda logo at the top of each page, should direct you to our most popular pages.  Pages which have a check mark also have a sub page that is shown when the curser hovers over the main page heading.  If you have any problem navigating through the site, please feel free to send us a comment.

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Whether your idea of “down time” is relaxing with a good book, accessorizing a new outfit, or practicing a few of your favorite air guitar riffs, Treesaver’s products can help you maximize your leisure time with hand-selected items chosen to provide value as well as entertainment.

50% Off Selected Single Albums

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Product Examples

A few products and prices from TSB’s

current inventory.

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Coming Soon…

Audio and cell phone Accessories

products selected to enhance your listening enjoyment

Bluetooth wireless speakers

rechargeable earbuds

 phone cases and stands

A perfect addition to our vintage vinyl etc. page  Each of these product offerings has been selected and used by our audio experts before adding to our site. To view examples of our latest listings click on the product imaes or click here to visit our Vintage Vinyl, etc. page.