Stevie Wonder, Hotter Than July LP, Used


Released in1980 by Motown recording on their Tamia label, this LP is in very good condition with the only real damage being a small tear on the rear cover and a smudge of adhesive residue on the cover’s front panel.   , The album’s originalpaper liner,  featuring a  photo of Martin Luther King, (see product gallery) is also included.  Our price for this well preserved bit of American history, is just $9.95, including shipping within the continental U.S.

Side one:

  • Did I Hear You Say You Love Me
  • All I Do Is
  • Rocket Love
  • I Ain’t  Gonna Stand for it
  • As if You Read My Mind

Side Two:

  • Master Blaster
  • Do Like You
  • Cash in Your Face
  • Lately
  • Happy Birthday




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