Antique Cloisonne Chalice




We are Not too sure of this item’s origin.  In fact, we don’t even know what it’s called or it’s used for.  All we can say. is the closest thing we’ve found online is described as: a Chinese Cloisonne Enamel Covered Chalice, circa 1900 and from its looks and packaging, we belive the description is accurate.  Our “chalice” is being sold with a wooden stand  and, what appears to be, the original box.  The product is in exceptional condition, unfortunately,  the stand and box have not fared as well. The stand has a crack that has been repaired and the box is faded and has one of its closing “lugs” missing.  We are asking $85.00 for this particular treasure, including U.S. shipping* If you aren’t interested in purchasing this piece of Asian history, but have any information about its origin, original use and,or name, please email us. All of us here at are slightly mystified and intriqued with this very unusal item.


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