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To paraphrase an old, well-worn saying, “All books and no play, makes Jack (and/or Jill) a dull person.”  Knowing this, we have added a variety of new and used fashion accessories, as well as vintage vinyl LPs, to help our visitors explore a more diverse product line that is more in line with current trends.  For a full description of any products listed below, just click on the image and you will be taken to the product’s catalog page, where you will learn more and also be able to purchase the product.

You may notice we are not including any clothing items (Other than a few one-size-fits-all hats) in our visual listings.  This was done purposely to avoid size/fit confusion and costly returns.  We are able to offer a broad selection of low cost jewelry andhandbags along with a few “one size fits all” items, such as our popular black knit beanies. Keep an eye on this page, or sign up for our newsletter, to see both new and previously worn accessories as they are added.

black, multi-band choker $5.95
CZ Tennis Bracelet, green-New-$35.95
braided sterling necklace, used-$49.50
Rustic lava stone Pendant, New-$14.50
Hat and Bag Combo $24.95
750ml Aluminum Sports Bottle, new-$7.95
Sterling Silver Earrings for pierced ears,used-$25.00
small silver plated pendant now just $19.95
faux gold serpentine necklace, used-$12.00
Rustic coin pendant, new-$6.50
rustic “leaf” pendant, new $11.95
metal plate choker,new-$8.95
Red Haired Mermaid Necklace New-$9.95
Brown vinyl "faith" change purse, new, on Sale-$11.95
Travel Theme-Purse/Carry-all/Travel Bag- Used $29.50
Handcrafted Pendant-Rustic design, New $15.95
Black knit Beanies, new - $5.00
Canvas style Beach Bag-New $17.95
Used Black “leather look” teardrop purse with shoulder strap, $13.50
Matched Set, CZ earring studs and necklace, new-SALE $25.00
Fashion pendant, used-$12.75
Red Vinyl Change Purse – New $12.50
Lightweight, Skull design Scarf, used $8.95
CZ Earrings, new $9.95
Used black clutch purse w/flower design $14.95
Steve Madden purse, Used$19.95
Rolf American Classic, Cowhide Change Purse,used -$12.50
Faux Suede Handbag, Nine West-Used-$19.95
fashion mother of pearl pendant. used
3 PAIRS OF EARRINGS – NEW Elizabeth Brand- On Sale: $11.95
Gold double strand fashion jewelry necklace, used.$14.50
Floppy beach hat, used-$12.50
fashion bracelet, used, silver heart-$7.95
Large metal fashion pendant. used-$8.95
leather patterned bracelet, new-$4.50
leather patterned bracelet, new-$4.50
flower pendant, used-$8.50
Silver finish, tiger face fashion bracelet, used-$9.95
Teardrop design metal pendant, used-$12.50
polished aluminum whistle/key chain, used-$4.95
vintage look oval rose pendant, used-$10.50
Gold Makeup bag, New - $11.50
Metal Knot Bracelet, used-$11.50
Tommy Bahama change purse-Used $14.95
Gray Purse with Strap, New: $14.50 $14.50
handmade concentric circle pendanf, used-$13.95
Green purse with adj. cross body strap, used-$13.50
polished cast metal key chain, used-$4.95
Vera Bradley floral purse, used-$32.00
faux alligator purse, used-$7.95
Notebook/laptop case, vera bradley, used-$35.00
Teal Tote bag, used-$9.95
Red "leather look" Purse, used-$12.00
Elizabeth earring group 2, new -3pr.SALE-$11.95
Circular crystal brooch, new-$15.00
Brown and Gold Fashion Pendant, used $9.95
fashion pendant, used-$8.95