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Our newest departments/pages, “The Record Store” and “Vintage Vinyl, etc.” are currently devoted to vintage vinyl LPs, but are scheduled to expand into electronic tech gadgets and cellphone accessories very soon.  The Record Store features a visual catalog of our original Vinyl LPs and also utilizes our search function to help shoppers locate the titles they are looking for.  To begin searching, click on the very small magnifying glass icon located on upper right section of the page.  If you’re not in a rush, we invite you to scroll through our visual catalog below and browse the vinyl selections from the 60s, 70s and 80s.  There is also a slide show of our current LP inventory on our new vintage vinyl, etc. page.

We are also very pleased to announce our first vintage vinyl discount bundle, VINTAGE VINYL BUNDLE1.  This LP bundle, which is a selection of four heavily discounted classic rock LPs: all originally recorded, manufactured released and enjoyed during the 70s.  A full description of the bundle can also be found on the “vintage vinyl, etc.” page, which appears as a sub category of “record store” on our main menu.  TSB is also also offering a 50% discount on selected vintage LPs. To view our discounted LPs, click here 

If you are a new vinyl record fan, or have just dusted off your old turntable and dug out a  few of your old albums, we suggest investing in a record brush, designed to gently clean the vinyl without scratching or damaging the playing surface.  Details on our brush can be found by clicking here:

Serenade for wind instruments, used Lp,$9.95
And the Singer Sings His Song, used Lp, $9.95
John Williams and friends, used Lp, $9.95
"Wild and Crazy Guy" Lp, used
A Question of Balance, LP, used-$10.95
Robt. Rheims Choraliers, We Wish you a Merry Christmas, LP, used,$9.95
Rocky Mtn High-used Lp$9.95
Loggins & Messina, The Best of Friends,used-$9.95
Lush Life, LP , used -$9.95
Jethro Tull, Songs from the Wood, used Lp,$9.95
Beethoven, The Pastoral- Sixth Symphony, used $9.95
Neil Diamond, Stones, LP, used-$9.95
The Jazz Singer, used Lp, $9.95
James Taylor Album, JT, $9.95
Neil Diamond's Greatest Hits, used Lp, $9.95
Elton John, "Friends" Soundtrack, LP, used $9.95
Kenny Rogers' Greatest Hits, used Lp,$9.95
Sniper and Other Love Songs, used Lp $9.95
PPL, Firin' Up, LP, used $9.95
My Fair Lady, used LP, $11.95
Love Songs, used Lp: $9.95
Farewell Andromeda, used Lp,$9.95
Between the Lines, LP, used $6.95
The Children of Sanchez, used, 2 lp set-$13.50
Age to Age,LP, used $8.95
Je m'appelle Barbra, LP, used $9.95
Annie, Film Soundtrack LP, used $8.95
Record Brush, new, $7.95
Ralph Carmichael, Christmas Joy, LP, used $8.95
Minute by Minute, used-$9.95
Memories,Barbra Streisand, Used Lp, $10.95
Stevie Wonder, Hotter Than July, used vinyl Lp, $9.95
Treasure Island/King Arthur, Narrated $13.50
"Three Dog Night" used Lp $9.95
Midnight Cowboy, Soundtrack. used Lp $9.95
Jean-Luc Ponty, Civilized Evil, used Lp: $9.95
Jerry Vale, Arrivederci, Roma, used Lp-$8.95
Ted Nugent, Lp, Used: $9.95
Jethro Tull, Stormwatch, used LP, $9.95
Jethro Tull, Under Wraps. Used Lp, $9.95
Charlie Daniels Band, Million Mile Reflections,,used Lp, $9.95
The best of the Brothers Grimm, used Lp: $11.50
The Cleveland Quartet,used-$9.95
John Sebastian Live, LP, Used $9.95
Judy Collins, Judith, LP, used, $9.95
Jesse Colin Young, American Dreams, Used LP, $9.95
Christopher Cross, LP, used $9.95
The Way we Were, Used LP,$9.95
Jean-Luc Ponty, LP, used, $9.95
Never on Sunday, LP,used $10.95
Never on Sunday, used LP $10.95
Flashdance soundtrack, used LP $9.95
Firefall, Elan, Used LP, $9.95
Very Best of The Lovin' Spoonful, LP, used $9.95
In Chicago, LP, used, $20
Ramsey Lewis, Hang on Ramsey, LP, used. $10.95
The Best of Chuck Mangione, 2 LP set, $12.50
Chuck Mangione, Land of Make Believe, LP. used, $9.95
Charles Aznavour, His Love Songs in English, LP, used, $9.95
The Need to be, LP, used-$9.95
George Gershwin's Biggest Hits, LP, used-$9.95
Once I Loved, LP, used, $9.95
That Special Time of Year, LP, used $9.95
Jerry Gray plays Glenn Miller Favorites, LP, used, $9.95
Chuck Mangione Songbook Excelsior Jazz Machine, lp, used, $9.95
Salute to Benny Goodman, LP, used $9.95
Jeffra. LP, used $9.95
Ramsey Lewis, Love Notes, LP, used, $9.95
Maynard Ferguson, Carnival, LP, used, $9.95
Chuck Mangione, Chase the Clouds Away, LP. used, $9.95
Jesse Colin Young, Love on the Wing, LP, used-$9.95
George Gershwin- His Music Featured in the Film, Manhattan. LP, used, $9.95
Jerry Gray Plays Glenn Miller's Favorites, LP, used $9.95
Patrice, LP, used $9.95
Bach: The Brandenburgh Concertos, 2 LP set, used, $11.95
Billy Joel, The Stranger,LP,used-$9.95
The Fixx, Reach the Beach, LP, used, $9.95
Carly Simon, Playing Possun, LP, used-$9.95
Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Best of B.T.O, (so far), LP, used-$9.95
Harry Chapin, Verities & Balderdash, LP, Used $9.95
Stanley Turrentine, What About You!, LP, used-$9.95
Paul Simon, LP, used-$9.95
The Fixx, Phantom, LP, usedLP-$9.95
Burt Bacharach, Reach Out, LP, used-$9.95
Carly Simon, Boys in the Trees, LP, used-$9.95
Bob Seger, The Distance, used LP-$8.95
Journey, Evolution, LP- used,REG $9.95 SALE$4.98
Dragon Fly, Jefferson Starship, LP, usedREG-$9.95 SALE $4.98
Foghat, Stone Blue, LP-used-REG$9.95 SALE $4.98
Chicago viii, LP, used-REG$9.95 SALE $4.98
J. Geils, Blow Your Face Out, 2LP-used REG $12.95 SALE $6.98
Mary Travers. Mary, LP-used,REG $9.95, SALE $4.98
Barbra Streisand. A Christmas Album, LP-used, REG$9.95, SALE $4.98
Mahogany Soundtrack, LP, used, REG$9.95,SALE$4.98
Chuck Mangione, Disguise, LP, used REG$9.95 SALE $4.98
Ian Matthews, Stealin' Home, LP, used, $9.95
Madonna, True Blue, LP, used,REG $9.95. SALE $4.98
Chuck Mangione Quartet, Bellavia, LP, used,REG $9.95 SALE$4.95
New Riders of the Purple Sage, Best of..., LP, used,REG $9.95,SALE$4.98
Godley & Creme, The History Mix Vol.1, LP, used, REG$9.95 SALE $4.98
Tavares, Love Storm, LP, used,REG $9.95SALE$4.98
Carly Simon, Spy, LP, used, REG$9.95 SALE$4.98
Chris Hillman, Clear Sailin', LP, used,REG $9.95 SALE$4.98
Jackson Browne, Late for the Sky, LP, usedREG, $9.95 SALE4.98
Cat Stevens, Greatest Hits, LP, used,$9.95
The J. Geils Band, best of, LP, used, reg$9.95SALE$4.98
Chuck Mangione, Fun and Games, LP, used$9.95SALE-$4.98
London Philharmonic, Star Wars, LP, used, REG$9.95 SALE$4.98
101 Strings, Plays World's Great Standards, LP, used,$6.95