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Never on Sunday, LP,used $10.95

Keep it clean!

It’s no secret. Playing records that are free of dust, lint, food crumbs, etc., sound better and last longer.  You can protect your vinyl investment with one of our specially designed record brushes.  Simply hold the brush at an angle while keeping very light pressure on the spinning record’s surface(see photo).  After a full rotation, brush collected residue across the record and past the outer edge.

At $9.95, these brushes are an economical way to keep your records in top condition.  For more information, or To purchase one of these handy tools, click on the photo.

Vintage Vinyl LP Bundle One

What better way to open our Vintage Vinyl Department than with a special offer on a group of legendary LPs from the seventies?Our first Lp “bundle” is based on some iconic performers who helped shape popular music throughout the seventies.  It’s a pretty diverse group; ranging from Ted “motorcity madman” Nugent, to folk rock legend, John Denver.   At the risk of sounding like a late night infomercial, you get all four classic albums for just one low price of $25!   Seriously, at almost 40% off our normal pricing, this bundle is a very inexpensive way to supplement your existing vinyl collection, or could be perfect timing to start collecting.

Due to a limited supply of these titles, we have changed the inventory level on all bundled LP titles to 0. They can still be viewed  from our record store listings and by clicking on the cover images but cannot be purchased individually.  Click on the following link for full details: Seventies V V bundle.   Please Note: All bundle albums and covers are original releases, over 40 years old. Photo retouching of these products has been kept to a minimum and cover condition/descriptions are as accurate as possible.

Audio and Cell Phone Accessories

Our latest product line, which we think, is a natural addition our vintage vinyl accessories.  All of these products are new and have been selected for audio performance or convenience, style and value.  For more information on any items shown below, simply click on the image.NOTE TO PROOFREADER: Images below are temporary and only used for layout. when final products are selected they will link to product info pages.

Bluetooth Speaker w/suction mount
wireless bluetooth headphones
Wireless Earbuds with Charging Case
temp image
wireless bluetooth headphones